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WR200 Height Gauge - When "close enough" is just not close enough
This rugged Digital Height Gauge with Fractions is a highly accurate measuring device developed specifically for woodworking. It can be used to set saw blade and router bit height as well as set the distance from a router fence to the bit.

This precision gauge will allow you to set your cutting tools, router bits, saw blades, fences and tables to exact close-tolerance dimensions. Most digital gauges only read out decimals, the WR200 will display inches or millimeters in decimals or choose to display inches in fractions making it unnecessary to convert from decimals. Constructed of high quality anodized aluminum along with hardened and ground stainless steel components. Easy to use and guaranteed to improve fit and finish tolerances for anything you do in your shop.
When you tilt your table saw blade to 22½ degrees by reading the indicator, you know you're pretty close to 22½, but there's a good chance that it's off a bit. That kind of repeated variable will show up in your completed project. Your saw is capable of producing very clean smooth and accurate cuts, but you need accurate controls to make that happen.

This awesome little tool quickly and easily tells you, to the fraction of a degree, EXACTLY what the angle of the blade is relative to the table top.  You can reproduce EXACTLY the same angle you used yesterday.  You don’t have to “eyeball” it or cut templates. This is repeatable accuracy that’s easy,  fast and affordable.

Strong magnets securely attach this gauge to the top of your table saw, miter saw or jointer table, where you set the zero calibration with the touch of a button. No need for the equipment to be perfectly level. Then just set it on your fence or blade and precisely lock in the exact angle you need. Joints are cleaner and tighter. Fit and finish is visibly improved when you can cut close tolerance dimensions. The precision readout uses what's called capacitive measuring technology. This is the exact same system that is used in almost all digital calipers that have been on the market for at least 20 years. There is a circuit board on a rotating counterweight that has a repeating pattern etched on it. There is a second fixed circuit board with a similar pattern and the rest of the electronics. As the 2 patterns pass over each other there is an electronic signal generated that is converted to rotation angle. The only moving part is the circuit board with counterweight passing over the fixed circuit board. There is no electrical connection between the 2 circuit boards and they do not even touch each other. There are no other mechanical moving parts.
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8" WR419 Protractor - Wixey Digital Protractors are easy to use and incredibly accurate. This close-tolerance digital angle indicator can set miter and bevel angles on almost any machine. Use it to read existing angles, inside and outside corners. Transfer angles to fences or layout on stock to be cut or beveled. The precision provided by this simple tool will add improved fit and finish to anything you build. Powerful magnets embedded in all edges of the protractor blade attach to saw blades, tables, fences or other metallic surfaces for easy measurement to insure accurate settings resulting in precision close tolerance cuts and joints. 2" wide X 7/8" thick X 9" long
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WR300 Angle Gauge - Finally, digital accuracy in a small, inexpensive accessory.
26" Universal Aluminum Fence w/FREE Tape Measure
Make your own custom jigs and back rails with this heavy-duty 25½" X 2½" Universal Aluminum Fence. This model comes with a FREE, adhesive-backed tape measure valued at $9.95. Combined value over $50 available for a limited time at ONLY $29.95
Only $29.95
Multi-purpose four foot self adhesive tape measure is 1/2" wide made of durable steel. Just peel off the backing and stick anywhere. FREE SHIPPING
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30" Self adhesive Mylar tape measure. FREE SHIPPING!
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48" STEEL Self Adhesive Tape Measure
Four-piece Safety Kit
Keep fingers safely away from your saw blade. Set includes 2 push sticks, 1 push block w/ angled handle & 1 featherborad.
Only $16.99
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The Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide
The Most Significant Improvement in Miter Guide Design in Over 100 Years.
The Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide
The Most Significant Improvement in Miter Guide Design in Over 100 Years.
The Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide
Rock Solid,
Dead Accurate