New WoodWorker.Com: "When Osborne designed materials for the EB-2 they obviously were intent on producing a long-lasting and accurate piece of equipment.  Everywhere you look the materials, machining and fit are extraordinary."
    The EB-2 was very easy to assemble, in part because there is no need, or provision, for adjusting it's alignment to the miter slot. Attach the handle, slip the adjustable flip-stop into it's channel, insert the outboard pivot screw as directed and it is ready for final fitting of the guide bar to your miter slot width. That's it. 
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    The Woodshop:  “The Osborne EB-3, likes its predecessor, is perfectly accurate. The machining, feel, and overall quality is excellent. I purchased and have used the JDS Accu-Miter for many years. I also have purchased and used the Incra 2000, Incra 1000, Woodhaven Standard Miter Gauge, and the Osborne EB-2. The Osborne EB-3 beats them all. Each gauge has its favorable and not so favorable features. But for ease of setup/maintainability, use/feel, capacity (40"+), repeatability, ease of reversing the fence from one miter slot to the other, and so forth, the EB-3 has the others beat.” (Read more here)
    Fine Woodworking, Oct 1998: "With the Osborne Miter Guide, you can put away your precision protractor or drafting triangle or whatever you use to set up miter angles on your table saw. That's because the Osborne guide is dead accurate, easy to read and a snap to adjust. Detents let you know when you're on the money when searching for 45, 30, 22.5 or 90 degrees. I checked the guide against a Starrett protractor and found both to be in complete agreement, no matter what angle I set."
    Norm Abrams' New Yankee Workshop: "The standard mitre gauges that come with most table saws are often nothing more than an afterthought. They are hard to calibrate, impossible to adjust accurately, and often too small to be useful.
   "Dave Osborne has studied the problem and come up with the EB-3 -- a fully featured mitre gauge. This device is so precise that Norm now uses it in lieu of a mitre saw to achieve perfect angled cuts every time. With the addition of the adjustable stop, he can make duplicate pieces with great accuracy. Once you use the EB-3 mitre gauge you will agree it is absolutely indispensable." (
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    The Hartville Tool Company... "Finally, they invented the worlds best miter guide. It's probably the most used tool in your shop and now it can be the most  accurate. A total departure from the conventional protractor guide…it forms a triangle that provides and absolutely rigid support for any size work-even when in the full rear position." ... July, '98
American Woodworker... "If you're a stickler for accuracy, your miter gauge may drive you bonkers when crosscutting on a table saw. Make those precise cuts and keep your wits about you with the Osborne EB-2.
    "This reversible fence has lots of noteworthy features. It has one plain aluminum face with a non-skid coating, to prevent creeping during angle cuts; a stop block that can be set for repetitive cuts; a guide that works on the left- or right-hand side of the blade; and a 3/8 x 3/4 in. guide bar that can be expanded so it fits your saw perfectly. And most notably, this guide is not just a giant protractor like most miter guides. Angles are set by using an index bar that extends from the end of the guide bar to a point on the fence. This triangular configuration makes the miter gauge very rigid."
"Bottom line: This tool is a good addition to the shop of the woodworker intending to use the table saw for accurate crosscutting. The unique design may take a little getting used to, but the payoff will be worth it." ...American Woodworker Magazine, April, ©1999 Home Service Publications, Inc.
      We truly believe that our design is smarter, safer, more reliable and easier to use than any other after-market guide available.  Our customers and the woodworking industry believe we've succeeded:
The Most Significant Improvement in Miter Guide Design in Over 100 Years.
The Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide
Rock Solid,
Dead Accurate